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DealerLinks concept and background is a marketplace for dealers to exchange links, promote their links, and advertise their links on link networks.

The internet is designed as a connection of inter-linked sites, hence the name 'World Wide Web'. SEO standards simply enourage users to use the internet for what is was designed, hyperlinked text. Web 2.0 and Socialnomics do not change that, although the media delivery may be more multimedia and less textual. Search engines see only text and links, even when considering the Semantic Web.

Linking to other sites, and having sites link to your site, is still an intricate part of any web strategy. Will users click on those links and go to other sites? Maybe, but they may also click on your link on your partner site and come to yours. Exit traffic should only be handled by creating content compelling enough that users want to stay on your site, bookmark it, and recommend it.

Placing alot of links on your site about a particular topic may be a compelling reason for a user to bookmark the site. Products

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DealerLink is included in the DNS product offered by Vector Informatics. If you are not a customer of this product, this service is $25/month. If you would like to apply as a customer of Vector Informatics, please register here. offers other free link exchange programs through our link directories.

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Inbound links increase the ranking of your website. Dealers 1,000 miles away are in your industry but clearly are not the competition. By placing our code on the bottom of your homepage, increase the ranking of your site by cross-linking to other dealers.

The title of your link should be optimized for your target SEO keyword. For example if your dealership is "Eastern Shore Toyota" and your URL is - you probably are already top ranked for "Eastern Shore Toyota" so you may want to use the text "Lifetime Warranty on Used Toyotas" or "Home of the lifetime warranty" or whatever your SEO campaign demands.

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<p><a href=""></a> is a marketplace for dealers to exchange links, promote their links, and advertise their links on link networks. <a href="">Exchange Links with other dealers today</a>.</p> is a marketplace for dealers to exchange links, promote their links, and advertise their links on link networks. Exchange Links with other dealers today.

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